Friday, August 1, 2008

shoot em

Yesterday Shoot The Player filmed Dev Hynes along Oxford Street at Celebrity Wigs and inside a porn shop. The latter was his idea but at his show last night he seemed pretty embarrassed about the whole episode and I felt a little guilty... It made for an amazing video though, so hopefully he's happy with the final results! I'll post a link when available, but for now here's a sneak preview

His live show really impressed me and while I loved his record I thought the songs translated much better when played live. Lately I've found myself a little distracted at a gigs but I really enjoyed his entire show, and I was also hugely thankful that it was an early gig, on stage at 9:30! I know I'm only 23 and should be out paaaaaartin' but who wants to wait around until 11pm for a show to start? Wouldn't the performers get tired after all that waiting around? I do! Another wonderful thing was he didn't have an encore! I hate encores, I think to plan one is so pretentious, and predictable, and completely unnecessary. Dev just played his full set and that was it. It was really wonderful!

On a side note, the girl drumming in his band looked really familiar... Is she in another band? Does she play with Florence and The Machine live? I thought that could be it. Anyway, she was amazing! If you're heading up to Splendour keep an eye on her during Lightspeed's show

ALSO while talking Shoot The Player, Lykke Li released a new video overnight for Breaking It Up and it reminded me she filmed some great acoustic vids with our Paris contingent The Take Away Show

So gorgeous. But I've raved about her plenty, you don't need to hear it again.

Here's the link to the other videos from that series.

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