Tuesday, July 29, 2008

U.S Girls

(drawing credit: James Nascent from U.S Girls myspace)

I saw that last week Siltbreeze released a vinyl by U.S Girls. I'd never heard anything by U.S Girls before, and I was intrigued because there seems to be a trend at the moment with using 'Girl' or 'Girls' for names of band.

U.S Girls is Megan Remy from Chicago. Her sound is muggy, distorted and psychedelic. Sort of. I don't actually know how to accurately describe the sound. I think what is more important though, is the experience of listening to it. Initially the recordings confused me, as I wasn't sure what I was listening to. I couldn't pick the instruments and couldn't decipher what Remy was singing, and I found that really difficult. But when I surrendered to the songs, and just went with the muggy, confused hysteria I began to really enjoy them. They are strange, but I really like it. She sounds a little like High Places to me, but a much more punk version, or something.

I think you just have to hear it for yourself! Listen via Myspace, and then buy yourself a copy of the release if you like what you hear through her Siltbreeze page, where you can also get yourself a free download of 'Prove It All Night'

I have a headache after listening to all the songs. But it is a good headache.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Not Nickelback

I've just been listening to two months' worth of Authentic Shit podcasts I've downloaded but not yet listened to, and was struck by this amazing bass-driven pop song by a band called Nickel Eye.

I googled them because I wanted to hear more, and realised that Nickle Eye was a new side project for Nikolai Fraiture from The Strokes. I didn't care when Julian teamed up with Santi and Pharrell for Converse, and I've had a copy of Albert's album on my desk for weeks and still haven't bothered to listen to it, but this I am interested by! Strangely he hasn't made any music available through his Myspace page, but does link to Ronson's EVR show for a webstream of two songs and an interview. His myspace also says the Nickel Eye debut record will be out soon, and titled The Time Of The Assassins. I wonder if the remaining two will start side projects of their own also? It also makes me wonder whether The Strokes are planning a fourth album, or quietly calling it quits?

Just because I'm feeling a little nostalgic: Strokes You Tube Channel


In other news, last night Slick Rick and Laurie Anderson had shows in NYC. Sometimes living in Australia is great (being so far removed and all) but when you see the lists of incredible performers who gig at small venues for next to nothing, it breaks your heart.


And also.

What do you think of Katy Perry? I honestly can't make up my mind. I think she has quite a captivating voice and every time I hear 'I Kissed A Girl' I can't stop my foot from tapping in time. But then I hear what has to be the most ridiculous lyric of the year ("I kissed a girl and I liked it, the taste of her Cheery Chapstick") and am reminded of the many reasons I really can't stand her at all. But my foot is still tapping along in time.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

dazed and confused

Do you get it?

I don't.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Night of the Hunter is one of my favourite films, so naturally when I came across a song named after the classic, I took notice.

San Fran band Tussle have been together since 2001 and are currently recording their 3rd album Cream Cuts. Last year after they toured with Hot Chip and Yacht and I remember reading reviews of their live show but never looked further into their stuff. My mistake!

Their sound is progressive electronic rock, similar to Battles and Pivot I guess, and older examples Can and Cluster (they have actually just finished a support slot for Cluster in San Fransisco which must have been phenomenal.) Their sound is hugely varied and fabulously re workable too - Yacht, Hot Chip and others having transformed some of their original tracks into true dance floor fillers, some of which you can download free at their website tussle.org (I recommend 'elephant', the build is great!) The thing I love about their sound is that with a bass, two drums and a synthesizer, it can be twisted to fit any genre, and when you look at the varied support slots they've had over the past few years, having played with Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Erase Errata, Trevor Jackson, Arial Pink, and Deerhoof, it's obvious that this flexibility does them well.

Through Geographic North they have just issued a 7" with two singles exclusive to that release, while their new album Cream Cuts is scheduled for release August 25 through Smalltown Supersound. Smalltown is a wonderful label, also home to Lindstrom, Nisennenmondai (whose Australian re-release earlier this year blew me away) and 120 Days. Worth checking out.

Night Of The Hunter mp3 [z share]

Friday, July 18, 2008

no excuses

What were they thinking?

This is horrible. Everything about it is horrible. I had to stop halfway through.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Abe Vigoda

LA California band Abe Vigoda combine my two favourite genres: punk and tropicalia. They totally don't sound like they'd fit, but mash together calypso drums and heavy guitar riffs and I'm bouncing off the walls with excitement (if you were at El Guincho's first solo Sydney show 4 months ago you can testify to that!)

Drowned In Sound interviewed them a while back and asked about a community of downtown LA acts (No Age, Mika Miko, Barr, HEALTH) they associated with all-ages venue The Smell, DiS wondering whether this grouping together was just an outsiders romantic ideas of community and camaraderie, to which guitarist Michael Vidal's response was: “It’s such an important place to all of us and it’s really inspiring to see it get recognised for what it’s brought to the community. I seriously doubt that anyone would have resistance to being associated with the Smell; in fact I’d say we’re personally proud of it and are glad that people make those associations.”

I was trying to decide if Sydney had any venues that nurtured new talent and a sense of a collective purpose. I cant think of one, but am open to any suggestions?

For more Abe Vigoda:

read what they have to say here
listen to their songs here
buy their second (and recently released) album Skeleton from insound here

Friday, July 11, 2008


I'm listening to my friend Levins on the radio and he just played thecocknbullkid, which reminded me I had begun a post about her a few weeks back... and never actually finished it.

tCnBK is 22 year old Londoner Anita Blay. She struck gold last year, somehow managing to align herself with Joseph Mount (Metronomy) who co-wrote and produced her debut single On My Own [z share], and is now working with her on a full length album.

If you live in London, head to some place called Proud Galleries Horse Hospital Stables Markets in Camden tonight. There from 7:30 Vice are throwing a party tonight celebrating the release of her singles On My Own/Shake.

Also, if you like what you hear above- buy yourself a copy on itunes (if you live outside Australia) or from Rough Trade (for us Aussies)

You can also hear more at her myspace. She reminds me of Kelis, when Kelis uses her lower register and gets broody and husky and fulla'attitude (before that I Don't Think So crap obvs), and also has the sweet-with-attitude appeal of Keyshia Cole, which I really like. The simple electronic production of her sound is a little too similar to many Metronomy tracks to me, but I think she'll really carve out her own sound the longer she sticks around and grow into a fabulous performer. Plus, I am 23 and can never walk away from relationships when I know they are bad news, regardless how hard I try. She is far more mature than I am!

Great clip too, huh

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

dreaming of london summertime

Compare the pair

Doo Woop Lauren Hill

No Substitute For Love Estelle

I adore Estelle.

Her breezy mowtown-style contribution to The In Crowd by Kids In The Hall Love Hangover [z share] was on constant rotation earlier in the year and her reggae-tinged Magnificent [z share] floats me away on clouds of Bondi Beach BBQ memories, helping me forget it is 10 degrees outside and I am wearing a denim mini and cotton jumper.

Monday, July 7, 2008

human after all

I live in a typical share house. So typical, in fact, Lonely Planet featured it a few months ago as illustrative of classic Surry Hills share house accommodation and applauded my flat-mates and my coordinated outdoor lounges. You can check it out if you like, the author totally trashed my incredible neighbours claiming their more disheveled porch decor was somewhat representative of the inhabitants within (I am sure they don't ever read this blog. In fact, no one does, according to Google analytics. But that is another issue entirely.)

Living in a share house often distracts you from the loneliness it is easy to feel as a single girl in a big busy city - people are always coming and going, cooking, smoking on the porch, stealing wireless broadband... but not tonight. Tonight my house was eerily still. I cooked risotto, had a glass of red wine, watched some TV... and still nothing. No one. It was really weird.

Rather than endure an episode of Good News Week and the awfully tiring Paul McDermott I brushed my teeth, tucked myself into bed, put on the new Sigur Ros album and picked up my laptop.

Days will pass where most of my communication is through a computer or over the phone. Do you think there will be a point at which all communication dismisses the directness of touch and is entirely based on viral, virtual connectedness? That worries me. Yet, here I am, currently perpetuating the system I am so wary of. I'm not saying it's an entirely bad thing, most of my work is web based and many of my relationships are enriched and maintained through the instantaneousness of online social networking. But if people stop actually meeting and touching one another, that would be really sad.

I don't mean to attempt rhetoric or claim any enlightened position, I actually get quite muddled and uncharacteristically self-conscious when I try and discuss the anxieties I have surrounding online social interaction and modern loneliness. But when people can create personalities for themselves and write autobiographical chronicles online to exist without question, when days go by when people don't actually touch anyone else, when you shop/eat/chat/watch/listen/live online, and when the most emotive experience you get all day comes from a mainstream Hollywood'esque television program... I don't know... you just gotta wonder...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Good things come in three's

If three is the magic number, here are my three favourite tunes from today. I hope you like them

An oldie I've just discovered by accapella Baltimore babe band Lexie Mountain Boys called Longdog Energy Drink mp3 [z share]

A new single from Parisian boys Minitel Rose available on their debut release The French Machine Business Woman mp3 [z share]

And lastly a friend (hello ragde!) pointed me in the direction of Salem today. They're pressing their debut vinyl EP Yes I Smoke Crack as I type and it is full of gothic disco jems including an awesome hazy cover of a Bruce Springsteen classic. The slow thumping bass drum, muffled melody, 80s style synth and capliso drums are intoxicating. It would have fit perfectly as the soundtrack to any/all of the John Waters movies from my primary school years. Can't you just see Molly Ringwald sitting in her bedroom, clinging her home-made dress, wishing she could just "be like everyone else" while this tune hums away in the background?

The release is one of the first for new label Acephale. You can pre-order copies online, and download a few samples from their myspace in the meantime.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


It is late afternoon on Tuesday, which is never close enough to the end of the week to excite me, but far enough from Friday and Saturday nights to have made me forget the revelry of the weekend. While I mourn Tuesday, I thought I could shoot you a quick heads up on some recent news from Mistletone records.

Firstly, Beach House are prepping to leave Baltimore for Australia for the first time ever, and tickets are selling super quick. Supported by Bachelorette, Fabulous Diamonds, Rand and Holland and loads of others, and with extra special guest percussionist Dave Bergander of Celebration (omg!) behind the drums, you should buy tickets asap here

Secondly, because it is winter and nothing beats staying indoors with hot chocolate and listening to your favourite albums by the heater, Mistletone are holding a sale of all current stock. If you haven't yet grabbed copies of their latest releases (or like me you've lent them to friends and never seen them again) you can grab Kes Band, Panda Bear, Lucky Dragons (who've confirmed an October tour), El Guincho, Black Dice, Evangelicals and more through their online shop

Reminds you what an incredible label Mistletone is.