Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Abe Vigoda

LA California band Abe Vigoda combine my two favourite genres: punk and tropicalia. They totally don't sound like they'd fit, but mash together calypso drums and heavy guitar riffs and I'm bouncing off the walls with excitement (if you were at El Guincho's first solo Sydney show 4 months ago you can testify to that!)

Drowned In Sound interviewed them a while back and asked about a community of downtown LA acts (No Age, Mika Miko, Barr, HEALTH) they associated with all-ages venue The Smell, DiS wondering whether this grouping together was just an outsiders romantic ideas of community and camaraderie, to which guitarist Michael Vidal's response was: “It’s such an important place to all of us and it’s really inspiring to see it get recognised for what it’s brought to the community. I seriously doubt that anyone would have resistance to being associated with the Smell; in fact I’d say we’re personally proud of it and are glad that people make those associations.”

I was trying to decide if Sydney had any venues that nurtured new talent and a sense of a collective purpose. I cant think of one, but am open to any suggestions?

For more Abe Vigoda:

read what they have to say here
listen to their songs here
buy their second (and recently released) album Skeleton from insound here


Philippe said...

I can only think of the Chooch A Bahn people in Sydney catering to the bands which your talking about Michaella. Their not really set up at a venue as such (although they did regularly put on gigs at that warehouse on Cleveland St - the name escapes me). Their gigs where bands are mainly playing their 2nd or 3rd gig. Their "nurturing" is more of a DIY aesthetic though.

The Consolador nights are kinda nurturing a acts as well a bit. The Hopetoun as well to an extent (what with their Homebake incentive and all).

Anyways i'll stop yapping now

Catcall said...

I love those chino boys, they're so lovely!! Im excited they're getting recognition down here. and The smell is AWESOME, such a cool place.