Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Memory Cassette / Micachu

They are being very mysterious, but from what I can glean from Hail Social, GorillaVsBear and Myspace, Memory Cassette is a vocalist currently working with Philly producer and Hail Social member Weird Tapes: WT writes and produces the tunes, and MC sings.

Asleep At A Party (the lead single from The Hiss We Missed EP) sounds like a combination of the dreamy 1980's electro pop and hazy, summery positivity of Air France and the husky disco of Ida No from Glass Candy. Its so lovely.

Download the EP entirely for free from hailsocial



Micachu has released her debut 7" on Itunes (can I say 7" and Itunes in the same sentence?!) and Rough Trade on Monday and I just got my copy.

Micachu is Mica Levi, 21 years old and from Surrey, UK. Her DIY laptop electro and spoken pop/hip hop vocals remind me of Need New Body and Ladyhawke. Live she performs with her friends Mat and Karina (as Micachu And The Shapes) and in the studio, she works with Matthew Herbert. You can hear his influence pretty heavily in Golden Phone, a love song with glitchy xylophone, staccato vocals and a sweetly harmonised chorus. Her songs have attitude, but she isn't at all overwhelming or over the top.

This song isn't on the Golden Phone single, bit is a nice taste of what she/they are all about

Curly Teeth mp3 [Z Share]

I highly recommend you grab a copy of the release now, I don't think its long before a Little Boots or Vivian Girls style surge of interest in her and then, undoubtedly, the EP will be sold out and never to be seen of or heard again!

buy itunes

buy rough trade

Little Boots Vs MGMT

I interviewed Little Boots for Groupie a while ago and, along with the regular updates on her blog I read, she struck me as a total sweetheart.

I don't usually post videos and often can't sit through music videos, but this light show is pretty adorable!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lullabies In The Dark

There is something very comforting about someone softly singing lullabies as you drift off to sleep.

Aeroplane's Vito De Luca started Lullabies In The Dark last year with Belgian DJ Jim Adam.

Permanent Vacation is releasing their first 12" with an Aeroplane remix of Song For Marie Elise. Its a wonderful remix, the melencholic melody of the original stressed through a dark, bass-heavy introduction that builds to a much warmer, shimmering climax - like a humid day interrupted by a sun shower. Or something.

You can listen to the remix at Lullabies' Myspace page. I loved it! Reminded me a lot of The Emergency's remix of August by Catcall, which is also online now through Myspace. Very brooding space disco sounds. Good stuff.

Song for Marie Elise mp3 [z share]

After listening, purchase the entire release here

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

dusk till dawn

I hated the original film clip. I totally understood what they were trying to do, just thought it sucked.

That's why I was super relieved when I saw this yesterday. Its so cute!

Ladyhawke and her Famous Musician friends taking the piss and having some fun.

Much improved!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

busy as a buzzing bee

Over the weekend my music Bible The Fader published excerpts from interview I did with Michael Angelakos from Passion Pit. Read some of what he had to say here. A feature version of the interview will appear in the October issue of Pages Magazine, so if you liked what you read you can read more in a few weeks.

Last week NO magazine released it's 3rd issue, which included an interview I did with Hearts Revolution. See more here and order a copy online here. The issue also features interviews with Dave Benge of Speak n Spell, Cut Off Your Hands, The Teenagers, Uffie, Matthew Williams, Special Problems, Tom Kane and loads more!

Also last week we published the latest Pages and Groupie Magazines online. Two of the numerous features include an interview with breezy Swedish duo Air France and profile on the enigmatic Lykke Li. Download both magazines for free here

I also forgot to mention Lost At E Minor published a piece I wrote on Aeroplane which you can see here. I'm just finishing a piece with Sydney band Seekae which will be up later this week. If you haven't had a listen to them yet, please do. They're fantastic!

Better get back to it! Be back soon. Loads of love.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Launch Tonight

Just a reminder that tonight, Sydney's The Spring Press are launching their latest publication

Head along if you're not already booked - Should be a lovely night with wonderful people!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Trouble Andrew

You know how sometimes there are people who are so super talented at about everything they do?

Meet Trouble Andrew.

An ex-pro-snowboarder, he lives in Brooklyn with his girlfriend Santi (yep, Santogold) and makes beats on a four track she gave him while recovering from a knee injury.

"Oh my knee is sore. I might try and write a song..."

Kills me! If I could write songs full stop I'd be so super happy, let alone slow beat jams like the Diplo remixed Run Hide. The first time I heard it I thought it was Kid Cudi - Andrew has a similar husky pop sound don't you think?

Run Hide mp3 [z share]

His self-titled debut was produced by Shitake Monkey who recently started making their own similarly sunny and simple jams. Prior to Andrew, they'd worked with Lindsay, Nas, J-Lo, Yoko, Johnny and more. What did I say before about over-achievers...?!

Get his debut self-titled album for US$10 from cdbaby or hear the track posted above on the latest release from Diplo, the Santogold Top Ranking mix.