Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Trouble Andrew

You know how sometimes there are people who are so super talented at about everything they do?

Meet Trouble Andrew.

An ex-pro-snowboarder, he lives in Brooklyn with his girlfriend Santi (yep, Santogold) and makes beats on a four track she gave him while recovering from a knee injury.

"Oh my knee is sore. I might try and write a song..."

Kills me! If I could write songs full stop I'd be so super happy, let alone slow beat jams like the Diplo remixed Run Hide. The first time I heard it I thought it was Kid Cudi - Andrew has a similar husky pop sound don't you think?

Run Hide mp3 [z share]

His self-titled debut was produced by Shitake Monkey who recently started making their own similarly sunny and simple jams. Prior to Andrew, they'd worked with Lindsay, Nas, J-Lo, Yoko, Johnny and more. What did I say before about over-achievers...?!

Get his debut self-titled album for US$10 from cdbaby or hear the track posted above on the latest release from Diplo, the Santogold Top Ranking mix.

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