Friday, September 18, 2009

les sins for summer


'Lina' Les Sins

Some coconut flakes and something French house inspired by Toro y Moi's other project Les Sins to take us back to the days of Cassius and Starsailor on such a brilliantly shiny Sydney Spring (Summer) day.

If you've not tried shaved coconut before do yourself a favour and get some asap. This combination is really making my day today.

Together in summer coconut dreams

Monday, September 7, 2009

where'd you go?


I've been absent the past few weeks. Stating the obvious! I've been binging on work and wasn't remembering to come up for air. "Remember to breathe", I told myself this morning. It's working so far!

I interviewed David Jacob Kramer from Family Bookstore last week for Issue 3 of The Blackmail which is online now. David is a wonderful guy, and the story has some great fly-on-the-wall photography by Thomas Jeppe. Sometimes his photos may appear disposable, but if you make time to look again, you see how insightful they actually are. Quick yes, but always well considered. Check it out at the link above, and make sure you read the others too. The issue includes an interview with awesome Melbourne label Arnsdorf, Blackmail editor Gabe talking to ace band Royal Headache, and some lovely photographs by Ben Sullivan documenting his time traveling through the American desert.

The Middle East 'blood'

Despite my adoration of Greedy Hen works and The Middle East's beautifully somber recordings, I really underestimated how spectacular a combination of the two would be when I commissioned this clip two months ago.

It is true that Katherine from Greedy Hen is my flatmate, and The Middle East are signed to Spunk, but bias aside I think this is such a remarkably beautiful and accomplished film clip. I am also overjoyed to finally be able to share it with the world after the organised premiere on Myspace last Thursday (if you've not yet seen it on the thousand other blogs that have already posted it, of course!)

'Blood' The Middle East

The Middle East are on tour through October and are playing Homebake and Meredith Music festival in December. Their Myspace has the details.