Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rainbow Arabia

Ahh! This just arrived!! Finally!

Rainbow Arabia 'Omar K' Mp3 [z share]

Buy it here,

New 12" out in Summer (USA)

Daisy Tulley, High God People, Bells, more

Parisian stylist Elisa Nalin has just been photographed for The Selby. While looking through the images, I wondered how often she dusted her apartment

We have the same yellow lamp. But she has more shoes than I do. See photos here. I love the premise of Todd's website - capturing creatives in the places that best reflect their practises and artistic personalities. Because, face it, your home (or bedroom if you live in a share house like I do) is the best exemplar of who you are and want to be.

Todd Selby will be in Sydney soon for a collaborative show with Marc Hunter at Monster Children Gallery. It opens next Friday, March 6, at 6pm.

Speaking of openings, this Friday Black and Blue have Dylan Martorell's first solo show outside Melbourne, Stolon Tonals.

Martorell's work is heavily influenced by the music he makes with his bands Hi God People and Snawklor, and this Black and Blue show is a collection of sculpture and drawings all about sound and body and how the two inform one another.

The first I discovered of Hi God People was their split 7" on the now defunct Nervous Jerk. Their output, although sporadic is wonderfully prolific (a fluid grouping of nomads and artists), and their live shows are some of the best you'll see in the country - incorporating sculpture, costumes, and performance pieces into every gig.
High God People

Another gig worth checking out is Daisy Tulley's solo performance this Saturday at Hibernian House.

She's playing with Jai Payne (The Paper Scissors, Pork Pies) and a few others.
Gig details changed. I've only seen her perform with her group Brizedilla, never solo, but can't stop lostening to her recordings on her myspace. Truly beautiful stuff; exceptional maturity for someone as young as she is.

Daisy M Tulley

Sorry for the lack of posts lately too (Max!) but I just haven't had anything to say.

Soon though, I have images of our Brethren Just Below shoot for Summerwinter Magazine!

Now, I leave you with these three women rocking my world:

'Strangest Thing' Claire Maguire Mp3 [z share]

'Jail La La' Dum Dum Girls Mp3 [z share]

'Magic Tape' Bell Mp3 [z share]

Friday, February 20, 2009

Day N Night

This week: I've been listening to Circle Square, new stuff from The Emergency (it is really amazing!), and The Golden Filter non stop. I've also been enjoying Hamilton's latest mixtape and the new albums by Here We Go Magic, Bat For Lashes, and Jenny Wilson (which surprised me - I didn't dislike her debut, but I like this so much better!).

Today: I've been watching this on repeat.

I've never been to L.A. but if it's really as weird as this So Me clip makes it out to be, I think I'll be flying to NYC via San Fransisco in October!

So Me seems set to take over the world. he's been a huge presence in the art/graff community for a while (particularly influential considering his association with Ed Banger) and after releasing a dance track through Ed Banger late last year he seems poised on the edge of great successes! My friend Matt took me to a show of his in Paris in January and we were shocked how expensive the prints were!

OK bye! Have a great weekend! If you're looking for something to do on Saturday night:

I know right... Tank?! But still, a great line up excuses a terrible venue!

Amendment: Anonymous commentator alerted me to the fact that it was a Parra show we visited, not So Me. I keep doing that - mental-blanks-while-blogging. Oh well. So Me's prints are super dooper pricey too, and Parra and he are the same communtiy so to speak. Appologies for my mixup and thanks for the heads up anonymous!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Eva Husson for The Presets

It wasn't Jaron Albertin as I'd guessed...

Eva Husson is the director behind the latest video clip for 'If I Know You' by The Presets. This is the latest single lifted from their most recent record Apocalypso.

Much more Billy Elliot that I'd anticipated - but it has the same vibe as the clip she filmed for M83's 'Kim & Jesse' (you know, the whole youths, movement and dance focus)

The video just premiered on Pitchfork. I'd love to know what you think... I'm not sold.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

summer valentines

An obvious favourite of mine is Harlem's Charles Hamilton

He's releasing a mix tape on Valentines Day called Well Isn't This Awkward and The Fader previewed a single last night. Have a listen and download below (thanks Fader x)

'Scorpion' Charles Hamilton Mp3 [z share]

He's also just released a video for 'Brooklyn Girls'

While thinking about Valentines Day, this is a lovely mixtape my friend Radge made for Hole In The Sky. If you're a bit strapped for cash this VD but have a not so understanding lover, why not package it up for someone along with a heartfelt homemade card? DIY Valentines, baby!

'Summer Sundayze' Radge Mp3 [z share]

Or if you're single like me, download it, put it on your ipod,and head to the beach for some warm rays and tasty beats this Saturday. Love? Who needs it when you've got rad (radge) mix tapes?!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Half Alseep

I'm listening to the new album by Whitest Boy Alive. So far, so good! But I'm only half way through...

Its been a weird day today. The weather has been steamy the past few days and then today, Sydney woke up to rain and fog. From 32 Celsius to 18 Celsius overnight. I had to pull my sweatshirts and jeans from the wardrobe and find my umbrella (which weirdly was in the back shed?) Anyway, drastic changes in weather always throw me, and so today I've been half asleep and a little off sorts, whilst also having one of the busiest work days I've had in ages. Made me think of SoSB 'Half Asleep' video directed by Toby Halbrooks which (fittingly) Pitchfork TV just premiered a few days ago. I saw them perform at Le Poisson Rouge while I was in New York. It was a wonderful show. It was also very smokey.

Watch video here

They're touring AUS through April - tickets go on sale Friday and I highly recommend you check them out.

The Gaelic Theatre, Sydney, 23rd April - tickets from
The Zoo, Brisbane, 24th April - tickets from
The Corner Hotel, Melbourne, 25th April - tickets from

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Black Dice, you make my heart sing

I love that about half way through this it sounds as if he is singing the chorus to 'Wild Thing'

'Glazin' Black Dice Mp3 [z share]

5th Black Dice album out through Paw Tracks in April and I'm JUST A BIT EXCITED!
Order REPO here (no pre-order, you'll have to wait until it's officially released)

Australian Music Prize finalists just announced

This afternoon at the St Kilda festival in Melbourne AMP announced it's finalists for 2008

Beaches 'Beaches'
Cut Copy 'In Ghost Colours'
The Presets 'Apocalypso'
Jack Ladder 'Love Is Gone'
The Drones 'Havilah'
CW Stoneking 'Jungle Blues'
Eddie Current Suppression Ring 'Primary Colours'
Ross McLennan 'Sympathy For The New World'
Tom Cooney 'Presque Vu'

Due to an exceptionally great year in Australian music, there are 9 finalists this year instead of the previous years' 8. Winning album is awarded $30,000 cash, and there is also a $15,000 cash prize for 'Outstanding Potential' donated by Red Bull Music Academy.

Who I want to win:
Jack Ladder's 'Love Is Gone' for Album of the Year and either Eddie Current or Beaches for Outstanding Potential (because all the members in both those bands have side-projects, whereas Tim performs full-time as Jack Ladder.)

Who I think will win:
Ross McLennan 'Sympathy For The New World' for Album of the Year and Jack Ladder 'Love Is Gone' for Outstanding Potential.

We'll see when results come through March 13...

Black Panther

I can find the aggressiveness of Crystal Castles difficult sometimes, but sometimes I am totally in the mood for some angsty punk electro!

Today is one of those days!

'Black Panther' Crystal Castles Mp3 [Z Share]

It's hot. It's Sunday and I am finding it really difficult to concentrate on all the work I have to do today. And also, I woke up super early to go for a swim, and I'm wishing I'd just stayed at the beach!

Jaron Albertin for The Presets

Stills from the new video being made for If I Know You by The Presets (via the mod blog)

The clips looks like it'll have a very similar aesthetic to Muscles' film clip for The Lake and also the film clip for Junior Boys' In The Morning - both directed by Jaron Albertin.

Check out Albertin's website (link above) his stuff is gorgeous! I wrote about him on movestill a while back, when the Muscles video leaked last year.

Can't wait to see the full clip! Hopefully it is as gentle as the pictures above suggest, and not like their video for Talk Like That...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

new year, new rss feed

I am 100% hopeless when it comes to coding and formatting etc, but I think I have fixed the problem with grey gardens' rss feed.

Colin and Phil thanks so much for your keen eyes and useful tips!

Nothing to worry about

I love this track, and love the video even more

To be honest I wasn't so excited about this record, but now can't wait for it to drop (April in Australia)

Peter Bjorn and John "Nothing To Worry About"

Apologies for the auto-play (I think it's annoying too)

Took a screen grab. Watch the video here

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Francis and the Lights

Prince (but better looking) meets Justin Timberlake for Gen Y indie kids

The Top (Music Video) from Francis and the Lights on Vimeo.

I'm pretty obsessed with this video right now

Their latest 12" A Modern Promise is available for free Mp3 download and vinyl purchase from

After listening and downloading check them out tonight at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC (click for tickets) for the launch of A Modern Life and their 7" double single release LIME/WYN

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Greedy Hen: the bjb love in

Two of the loveliest girls you'll every meet are Katherine and Kate from Greedy Hen.

They are also, I believe, two of the most talented young artists currently working in Sydney.

They are neighbours of mine in our new home Brethren Just Below (a creative collective underneath Big Jesus Burger Studios on the corner of Riley St and Reservoir St, Surry Hills - come say hello sometime)

Just as an aside: I haven't been there much at all, but I've been waiting for the internet to be connected. For now, check out the blog - linked above. The gorgeous Cara set it up for us.

Anyway. Back to the reason for this post:

It's this Friday - Hope to see you there

Monday, February 2, 2009

when you don't want to say goodbye

I am still unpacking my bags, despite having returned home a week ago. I've convinced myself it is because I have been really busy (I have been busy but not THAT busy) but I also haven't wanted to accept that my holiday is over. The moment I unpack my clothes and store my suitcase(s), I'll have to pull my head from the sand and admit I have landed back into the normalcy of Sydney.

One way I've kept my New York dream alight is by repeatedly listening to all the music I discovered/was shown while there:

'Having A Ball' Shalala Mp3 [z share]

This song reminds me of a watery spring afternoon, sitting inside watching old movies and drinking wine. It's nostalgic and his vocal is a little melancholic, but the simplicity of drum beat drives the track along really nicely.
Shalala myspace

were the best live act I saw while I was in America. Layered psychedelia that meanders along, changing pace and direction without warning, driven by an incredibly charasmatic front-women and sweetly harmonised vocal lines. They're playing a Valentines gig at Union Pool which would be pretty amazing!

You can buy Lights on Amazon now. I did think the suggestions of other CDs you may like were a little weird though...
Katy Perry and Lights? Duffy and Lights? Really??!

Finally, forget Pretty In Pink and The Breakfast Club, Patrick Cleandenim is as 80s wonderkkid as you can get. Sure they're quite shallow dance tracks, but they are loads of fun.

Patrick Cleandenim on Myspace

All I need now is a Starbucks and a gluten-free bagel and I'm back in Brookyln!