Thursday, February 12, 2009

summer valentines

An obvious favourite of mine is Harlem's Charles Hamilton

He's releasing a mix tape on Valentines Day called Well Isn't This Awkward and The Fader previewed a single last night. Have a listen and download below (thanks Fader x)

'Scorpion' Charles Hamilton Mp3 [z share]

He's also just released a video for 'Brooklyn Girls'

While thinking about Valentines Day, this is a lovely mixtape my friend Radge made for Hole In The Sky. If you're a bit strapped for cash this VD but have a not so understanding lover, why not package it up for someone along with a heartfelt homemade card? DIY Valentines, baby!

'Summer Sundayze' Radge Mp3 [z share]

Or if you're single like me, download it, put it on your ipod,and head to the beach for some warm rays and tasty beats this Saturday. Love? Who needs it when you've got rad (radge) mix tapes?!

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