Thursday, February 26, 2009

Daisy Tulley, High God People, Bells, more

Parisian stylist Elisa Nalin has just been photographed for The Selby. While looking through the images, I wondered how often she dusted her apartment

We have the same yellow lamp. But she has more shoes than I do. See photos here. I love the premise of Todd's website - capturing creatives in the places that best reflect their practises and artistic personalities. Because, face it, your home (or bedroom if you live in a share house like I do) is the best exemplar of who you are and want to be.

Todd Selby will be in Sydney soon for a collaborative show with Marc Hunter at Monster Children Gallery. It opens next Friday, March 6, at 6pm.

Speaking of openings, this Friday Black and Blue have Dylan Martorell's first solo show outside Melbourne, Stolon Tonals.

Martorell's work is heavily influenced by the music he makes with his bands Hi God People and Snawklor, and this Black and Blue show is a collection of sculpture and drawings all about sound and body and how the two inform one another.

The first I discovered of Hi God People was their split 7" on the now defunct Nervous Jerk. Their output, although sporadic is wonderfully prolific (a fluid grouping of nomads and artists), and their live shows are some of the best you'll see in the country - incorporating sculpture, costumes, and performance pieces into every gig.
High God People

Another gig worth checking out is Daisy Tulley's solo performance this Saturday at Hibernian House.

She's playing with Jai Payne (The Paper Scissors, Pork Pies) and a few others.
Gig details changed. I've only seen her perform with her group Brizedilla, never solo, but can't stop lostening to her recordings on her myspace. Truly beautiful stuff; exceptional maturity for someone as young as she is.

Daisy M Tulley

Sorry for the lack of posts lately too (Max!) but I just haven't had anything to say.

Soon though, I have images of our Brethren Just Below shoot for Summerwinter Magazine!

Now, I leave you with these three women rocking my world:

'Strangest Thing' Claire Maguire Mp3 [z share]

'Jail La La' Dum Dum Girls Mp3 [z share]

'Magic Tape' Bell Mp3 [z share]

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benk said...

The songs of Daisy Tulley are absolutely beautiful.