Sunday, February 8, 2009

Australian Music Prize finalists just announced

This afternoon at the St Kilda festival in Melbourne AMP announced it's finalists for 2008

Beaches 'Beaches'
Cut Copy 'In Ghost Colours'
The Presets 'Apocalypso'
Jack Ladder 'Love Is Gone'
The Drones 'Havilah'
CW Stoneking 'Jungle Blues'
Eddie Current Suppression Ring 'Primary Colours'
Ross McLennan 'Sympathy For The New World'
Tom Cooney 'Presque Vu'

Due to an exceptionally great year in Australian music, there are 9 finalists this year instead of the previous years' 8. Winning album is awarded $30,000 cash, and there is also a $15,000 cash prize for 'Outstanding Potential' donated by Red Bull Music Academy.

Who I want to win:
Jack Ladder's 'Love Is Gone' for Album of the Year and either Eddie Current or Beaches for Outstanding Potential (because all the members in both those bands have side-projects, whereas Tim performs full-time as Jack Ladder.)

Who I think will win:
Ross McLennan 'Sympathy For The New World' for Album of the Year and Jack Ladder 'Love Is Gone' for Outstanding Potential.

We'll see when results come through March 13...

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