Monday, February 2, 2009

when you don't want to say goodbye

I am still unpacking my bags, despite having returned home a week ago. I've convinced myself it is because I have been really busy (I have been busy but not THAT busy) but I also haven't wanted to accept that my holiday is over. The moment I unpack my clothes and store my suitcase(s), I'll have to pull my head from the sand and admit I have landed back into the normalcy of Sydney.

One way I've kept my New York dream alight is by repeatedly listening to all the music I discovered/was shown while there:

'Having A Ball' Shalala Mp3 [z share]

This song reminds me of a watery spring afternoon, sitting inside watching old movies and drinking wine. It's nostalgic and his vocal is a little melancholic, but the simplicity of drum beat drives the track along really nicely.
Shalala myspace

were the best live act I saw while I was in America. Layered psychedelia that meanders along, changing pace and direction without warning, driven by an incredibly charasmatic front-women and sweetly harmonised vocal lines. They're playing a Valentines gig at Union Pool which would be pretty amazing!

You can buy Lights on Amazon now. I did think the suggestions of other CDs you may like were a little weird though...
Katy Perry and Lights? Duffy and Lights? Really??!

Finally, forget Pretty In Pink and The Breakfast Club, Patrick Cleandenim is as 80s wonderkkid as you can get. Sure they're quite shallow dance tracks, but they are loads of fun.

Patrick Cleandenim on Myspace

All I need now is a Starbucks and a gluten-free bagel and I'm back in Brookyln!

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