Friday, January 30, 2009

Walking on a Dream

Dreaming seems to be something Pegase spends a lot of his time doing. He sings about dreaming, he writes music that makes you feel as if you were dreaming, and even remixes songs by other people with the word dream in the title. 

I first wrote about Pegase (RaphaĆ©l from Minitel Rose and the Valerie crew) here  posting his track 'Without Reason'. I adore the ambient pop disco he makes, and really appreciate that many of the tracks are uploaded as demos, Raphael inviting us all in on his creative processes and obviously more interested in making music than perfecting 'hits'. But perhaps despite himself, hits he does make. 

Take a listen. Yesterday, Raphael very generously just sent me his two latest tracks. 

'Dream Awake'  Mp3 [z share]

So lovely. Dream Awake had me floating off into the weekend with a smile and spring in my step. It's friday night, and I'm going to a party. 

You know what else rocks my world? Tame Impala are in his top friends on Myspace (and despite  arguments that Myspace is archaic and "no one has a Myspace page..." I still love it, and love that two bands from opposite ends of the world who I'd always envisioned would connect, have.) 

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