Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pegase 'Without Reason'

Minitel Rose vocalist Raphaél is demoing some solo material at the moment as Pegase.

If you head to his Myspace you can hear a few of the tracks. Most follow the delicately disco pop route of Minitel Rose, but are a little more contemplative with slightly melancholic tones.

Spellbound Girl is a gentle romp through French House and the gorgeous, lofty Without Reasons journeys through ambient electronic dreamscapes of love and romance. Things get a little more dramatic with Everywhere, which immediately brings to mind 70s Bowie and The Labyrinth - immediately I imagined this as the soundtrack as Jennifer Connolly runs frantically through the maze calling for Toby.

This comes courtesy of Valerie

'Without Reasons' (demo) Pegase Mp3 [z share]

I can't wait for more!

While talking Minitel Rose, don't forget College's debut Secret Diary is being released next week through Futur

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