Monday, November 10, 2008

This weekend, I was really enjoying

Florence and The Machine has released a video for her new single Dog Days Are Over. The final song is much more anthemic and upbeat than the sample she posted on her myspace not too long ago, with a fuller chorus punctuated by the bell and handclaps I always love in pop tracks. The video was directed by Tom Beard and released this weekend, and you can grab the single December 2 through IAMSOUND (pre-order it here)

Florence And The Machine - Dog Days

The RAC remix of Repetition Kills You by The Black Ghosts. I love this remix, because rather than taking the LOUD AND FAST route, RAC have made the Albarn vocals much more pronounced and turned it into a slower pop jam. It's lovely.

'Repetition Kills You' (RAC Remix) The Black Ghosts Mp3 [z share]


'Grumpy' Free Blood Mp3 [z share]

I posted about DFA signed Free Blood (John Pugh + Madeline Davy) when they released the !!!'esque (no surprise really, considering Pugh's formerly a !!! member) Quick and Painful and had a little love-in, but then forgot about them - in true blogosphere style. Then the Telepathe remix was released and I had a big drunken whinge, completely ignoring that I had enjoyed any of their stuff prior to that remix. THEN this weekend I decided to revisit to their EP, specifically the single Grumpy, and remembered why I liked them in the first place. So typically Gen Y of me.

The Singles by Free Blood (on Amazon)

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