Friday, November 14, 2008

Francois Virot

(image credit: beatriz lanchas)

It was released in September, but I have only just found the time to listen to Yes Or No by Lyon performer Francois Virot

The record is paired back, guitar and hand-clap based melodies wonderfully complemented by Francois' folkish twang. He actually reminds me a lot of Conor Oberst, particularly in the song Dummies. And just because he only uses his guitar, voice and hand-clapping skills, doesn't mean its retiring and gentle - oh no! - it's actually really fun and upbeat!

'Not The One' Francois Virot Mp3 [z share]

'Dummies' Francois Virot Mp3 [z share]

Our Shoot The Player father Vincent Moon filmed him in January last year for The Blogotheque. He performs with charming simplicity, and perhaps his style has changed significantly since considering it these videos were shot almost two years ago, but it is always great to see someone perform alone with a single guitar. It takes a damn engaging performer to hold my attention with just a voice and a few guitar strings. Watch Francois on the Blogotheque here

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