Tuesday, November 11, 2008

five reasons Daniele Baldelli is the greatest

he basically invented 'dee-jaying', playing records without mixers and headphones and figuring when to switch songs and avoid silences by counting the grooves in the vinyl

he pioneered cosmic disco, was a resident at Cosmic in the 70s, and is famous for his slow dub disco sets (slow space disco jams are my favourites)

he was the greg gillies of his time - reich electronica, african incantations, depeche mode... everything was mixed in, chopped together and manipulated for dance floors

'get funky' my funky side

this compilation

I never tire of Spirit's 'Potatoland Theme' - so good, so cheesy, so jammin (handclaps, hello)

daniel baldelli website
daniele baldelli mypace
buy 'Cosmic Disco? Cosmic Guitars!' from eskimo recordings

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