Monday, November 3, 2008

College + Minitel Rose + The Emperor Machine

I have been gradually making my way through a care package the lovely folk at DC Recordings mailed me last week which included all the available released material by The Emperor Machine. It also included a few releases from Padded Cell and the most recent release by The Oscillation. It was a really good package!

'Roller Daddy' The Emperor Machine Mp3 [z share]

College is about to release his debut record Secret Diary (out November 26) and recently leaked one of the album's first singles. The track features his Valerie buddies Minitel Rose - the Frenchies responsible for a song people ask me about every time I play it - Magic Powder. I posted this ages ago and the link expired, and then a while ago I played it on the radio and had so many callers ringing to ask who they were.

'Magic Powder' Minitel Rose Mp3 [z share]

I'm kinda too tired to write about it, but I just wanted to post it because I was thinking today on my walk home from work how excited I was about the album and thought I should share this, because every time I mention College, Valerie, Minitel Rose or others from the Valerie collective, people stare at me blankly and ask "who?"

'The Energy Story' College feat. Minitel Rose

There is a Valerie feature in the next issue of Pages, along side a piece I wrote about French punks The Feeling Of Love, out tomorrow.

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