Friday, October 17, 2008

My Love Sees You

I work for etcetc, home to Kitsuné releases in Australia and New Zealand, so I worry I'll be judged for banging on about their releases. BUT. One of the singles from the most recent Kitsuné Maison compilation, the debut solo release from Sydneysider, Bang Gang member and former Riot In Belgium half Beni, is so damn good- it is honestly one of my favourite dance tracks of the year. Possibly, even better than Teki's go go go chorus. Possibly.

My Love Sees You

Etenne de Crécy Coco Walsh remix
[you send it - 320]

Beni's original edit [ you send it - 128]

My mate Lev called it "THE dance track of Summer" and famed Fools Golder A-Trak has said it is "one of my favorite songs of 2008, no lie" and his "secret weapon". This is sounding a bit press releasey... so I'll hold off on the gushings.

This single has such a forward sound - think of a timely moment in music from the past 40 years and it exists somewhere in this mix. It's late 60s disco, NY post punk, new wave crunching synth electro and indie hip hop/Bmore club xxxchange-style hand claps rolled into one beautiful package.

It's out tomorrow on Kitsuné Maison 6, and Beni is heading to Europe mid-November for the Kistuné Maison 6 launch tour. If you live in London, Brighton, Hong Kong, Berlin, Paris... details for the shows are posted on his Myspace page (linked above)

As a single My Love Sees You is being released November 8, but if you can't wait that long you can grab it through
Beni - Ministry of Sound Presents Clubbers Guide to Spring 2008 - My Love Needs You thanks to Ministry Of Sound

Other news? As much as I love Mr Mars, this remix does not rock my world. Is he drunk and playing with a toy piano? Or do I just not get it?

Amended: The remix is by this dude - Thank god! I won't ever doubt Fake Blood again (and won't late-night-drunk-blog again either...)


Anonymous said...

i think that is the free blood remix/not fake blood

Michaella said...

Oh gosh, you are so right - Thank god! I was really confused!

alex said...

Did you see they upped the Beni track over at CreamTeam last week or so? Prets baller.