Monday, October 20, 2008

Saint Dymphna

After the tribal meditative techno of 2005's God's Money, Gang Gang Dance are finally back.

The frenetic primitive percussion, stomping basslines, strained vocals and explosive interstellar synths of God's Money and the RAWWAR EP (2007) still permeate this new album, but there is a much stronger pop and hip hop focus, particularly in Lizzie's vocal delivery. She is clearer and more confrontational, like, as Dusted suggested in an album review, an early Madonna.

On Saint Dymphna GGD sound a little more contained, like they've pulled the reins in on themselves a little. The techno is a little less rave, their incantations a little less sprawling. There are moments throughout that feel contrived and uncomfortable, such as the Tinchy Stryder collaboration, but then songs like First Communion remind you what wonderful composers they are, sweeping you up in a wave of ceremonial cymbols, psychedelic chants and arresting cosmic guitar.

First Communion mp3 [z share]

House Jam (xxxchange remix) mp3 [z share]

The album is out tomorrow through Warp and The Social Registry. You can order the album online now, and if you hurry The Social Registry has super limited edition GGD tees for sale, but there are only 30 available so quick sticks!

And FYI at your next trivia tournament: Dymphna was the Patron Saint for sleepwalking, mental health, epilepsy, the possessed, princesses, incest, and happy families. Incest AND happy families - I kid you not!

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