Thursday, October 9, 2008

oh and also

AU have just given Dusted the run down of their favourite tracks, which includes a song by (the man with the angelic phrasing) Mount Eerie who I saw perform in a church last week. It was a lovely show, but I was a little too tired and the church was a little too hot. I think my friends liked it though...

Read Dusted's AU fave songs list

I interviewed Luke Wyland (founder of AU) a while ago about his group's latest album Verbs. You can read a small excerpt of the interview at Lost At E Minor here. I'll post the rest of it here soon, when I get a second to find it in my cavernous Hard Drive.

Also just in case you don't get the emails, the latest issues of Pages and Groupie are online now! Pages features an interview I did with Michael from Passion Pit and a feature by the amazing Roland Pain with Riton's new project Eine Klein Nacht Musik.

Here's a snippet:

... the rest is online - click the links above if you'd like to have a read.

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