Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bore Drum Boredom Boadrum Boar Drum

One of my greatest claims to fame is that Kim Moyes from The Presets taught me how to drum when I was in high school. I was totally unreliable and only turned up to every second class, plus I never did the homework he set me, but what I have never actually told him is that when he played me the initial Presets demos he and Julian had sketched out after a Prop rehersal, I was floored and so embarrasingly impressed. Of course, I played cool and pretended the tracks were "OK..." but from that moment I was completely hooked on drums. The instrument is my favourite, one of my favourite past times, and drummers are always my favourite people.

Last year on the 7th of the 7th, Japanese psyche-noise band Boredrums gathered 77 drummers in Brooklyn Bridge Park and orchestrated a two hour drumming performance called 77 Boadrum. Unless you don't give a shit about music, you would have heard about it. The superbly talented Gang Gang Dance and Soft Circle warmed up the audience and then:

At the time, I became equally more upset and more elated as films of the performance appeared online - I was so excited to watch Eye command each drummer, jumping up and down and hollering into the microphone, but was also so disheartened that I missed the actual event. Performances of this significance and magnitude rarely happen in Australia.

I guess the next best thing to BEING THERE is a live recording, right? For those of us who don't live in or near NYC (or who were just unlucky and missed the show) Boredoms are releasing a DVD recording of the performance by Japanese artist Jun Kawaguchi this November 26.

The DVD is being released in Japan, but is making its international big-screen debut next week in NYC. As part of the the NYTFGP2008 Festival, 77 Boadrum is premiering October 13th at 7pm and 9pm at Anthology Archives (32 Second Street). Tickets are US$10 and available here and there is a Q&A after the screening with Kawaguchi. Please go. I would if I could.

If you need to catch up on Boredoms' back catalogue, there is a lot to trawl through but Insound can help you out (I'd start with Super Are!)

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