Monday, October 27, 2008

nothing but everything: wander in and out

I went to a conversational lecture with Edward de Bono on Sunday. He was decsribing creativity as an acquirable skill, something you can learn and develop just as you can learn Algebra or learn how to play soccer.

For some reason it reminded me of an exhibition of work by Sister Corita I saw at the beginning of the year at Monster Children curated by Aaron Rose The Passion For The Possible. Rose spoke about the collective of artists involved in the Alleged Gallery in the early 1990s in LA, and his curatorial masterpiece Beautiful Losers. An apparently quite fabulous documentary is currently making its way around Europe and America, scheduled for screenings this weekend at the London Film Festival.

Beautiful Losers film trailer from beautifullosersfilm on Vimeo.

Unfortunately there are no screenings of the doco in Australia. But! If we band together we can request the film be shown - all we have to do is email and stress how eager we are to see it. Please email!

ANP Quarterly has recently had a revamp (I have to say though, that the new blog doesn't look too different to the old blog) and has the latest issue available for purchase. If in my neck of the woods, I suggest you mail-order one for yourself - ANPQ don't often make it to Sydney, and those copies that are available (Monster Children Gallery always has a couple) get snapped up pretty quick.

I only just remembered. I still have to frame the Corita print I bought at the show.

BARR 'The Song Is The Single' mp3 [z share]

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