Monday, January 19, 2009

happy MLK eve

The weather in New York has been wild and woolly the past few days, so when the thermometer read 34 Fahrenheit this morning I decided to take myself outside for a wander around Brooklyn. I didn't actually make it out until really late in the arvo, after a visit with my friend Hannah to her friends' studio space in Flatbush, but when I did eventually get to have a wander around Greenpoint and Williamsburg I found an amazing Polish fruit and vegie shop and a great record store.

I picked up the latest Grouper 12" which I am dying to listen to, re-bought Can's Future Days, and also bought a few new releases including Wavves' debut and Vivian Girls' self titled - you can't order either of those online from Sydney anymore, so I was really happy.

Vivian Girls are playing Tuesday night at the Market Hotel in Brooklyn. Inauguration day!! It's an all ages show, doors open 8pm with no pre-sale tickets. I had heard 21+ could only go if they took someone under-age with them, and I don't know any punk kids in Brooklyn who I could take along, but I'm going to go anyway and see what happens because I'd really love to see them play. Plus, it's a show with Fucked Up who I imagine is really wonderful live! Details are here if you know any cool kids.

I've got some gig pics and mp3s I want to post but can't right now because my internet is so slow, but i'll put them up asap.

Dear Ninjasonik, please send me your answers.
Dear Nine MSN, please don't misquote me, or if you do please don't make me look like an asshole.
Dear Mum, I'm getting that tattoo we talked about tomorrow. I hope you're OK with that.
Dear Sydney, I miss your beaches.
Dear Laurie Anderson, I am so excited about Wednesday!
Dear Washington, I am so excited about Tuesday!

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