Thursday, January 1, 2009

from Egypt with love

Happy new year from Cairo!

I haven't seen any music since I arrived in Egypt. I was going to visit the Jazz Club but didn't get the chance, and I did go to a few bars but the music was mostly Frank Sinatra Christmas songs in between The Girl From Ipanema and a weird carol about a young girl wanting a Hippopotamus for Christmas...

It's been an intense 10 days - Cairo to Alexandria, Alexandria to Cairo, Cairo to Aswan and Abu Simbel, Aswan to Luxor, Luxor to Cairo. I am really tired but it was worth it - I've had an incredible time here and am really taken with this country.

Off to Paris tomorrow, where I am meeting up with Mathieu who I'm hoping has had time to find us some great music, and then to NYC (where I've already planned to see Takka Takka and Ninjasonik!)

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colinrdelaney said...

I can't believe they've cut down the pyramids to make way for some house - that's what I'm looking at right? What year was it there, a little more than 2009 I imagine. Anyway, looking forward to a NYC post to hear what you heard over there.
PS Liz didn't see her recent shout out – I showed her, she was appreciative. Now she's sick in bed, nothing to do with you I don't think. Happy travels!