Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Good news!

If like myself you couldn't get tickets to Animal Collective's show at the Bowery Ballroom last week, nyctaper recorded the entire thing! Head here to stream the concert in its entirety.

Also, Micachu has a new single out called Lips which has been remixed by We Have Band. I think it sounds lazy. I don't like the hollow synth and shallow drum sample, but I cold live with it if the rest of the track wasn't so flat. It just doesn't go anywhere. I don't ever really love We Have Band remixes, they always sound a little too 'lazy teen bedroom producer' for my liking, but I just expected more from Micachu. The trademark shout sounds uninspired here, and I've really enjoyed Micachu stuff in the past. The original is much better, a lo-fi garagey track with a funny squelch sample that accentuates a simple ukele riff. But then the remix had to happen and ruin it for us. Hopefully this is just a temporary slip up... And if not, at least I still have cocknbullkid, Little Boots, Ebony Bones and Florence And The Machine reinventing the pop wheel for me. Wanna be a celebrity and have your photo in the tabloids? Fine by me, as long as you release good tunes! Repeat after me: "Pop is not a dirty word"

Micachu and The Shapes 'Lips' (We Have Band remix) 320 Mp3 [z share]

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