Tuesday, January 13, 2009

new york diaries

I should be writing the Mi Ami interview for Vice. Or the Ninjasonik interview for NO Mag. Or the Groupie Editor's letter... instead I'm booking tickets to gigs. FINALLY!!! OMG FINALLY!

My internet friend William (we'll meet for realz at his party on Thursday night) sent me the details of a gig listing website which has changed my NYC residency - with its help I've gone from having tomorrow night reserved for a Maggie Horn show, to having the next week booked with some really exciting gigs.

Tomorrow: Blaqstarr & Scottie B & Teenwolf DJ set at Maggie Horn's Siren release party
Thursday: Ninkjasonik & Thunderheist
Friday: Fader's One Step Beyond / Oscillations w' School of Seven Bells, The Juan Maclean & Free Blood (post art-opening on 7th avenue and a Venezuelan feast somewhere near there - can't wait)
Saturday: The Soft Pack / Ninjasonik
Sunday: Norman Jay
Monday: Department of Eagles
Tuesday: TBC (rest probs)
Wednesday: Laurie Anderson, Brightback Morning Light, Dirty Projectors & others

I am so thankful because I was having trouble finding what was on, and would have completely missed the SoSB/Ocsillation/Juan/Free Blood gig had it not been for that site.

One thing that really upset me yesterday and today, was that I missed Charles Hamilton's performance for the Fader NOW Issue launch party in Brooklyn. I just adore him, but had no idea of the venue and couldn't find details anywhere (probs the point, I know). I would have loved to see him in New York, as it's undoubtedly the only chance I would have had (I can't see him touring Sydney any time in the near future), but I guess - them's the breaks.

So far, I've spent most of my time visiting galleries and museums, and of course doing loads of shopping! Yesterday, I found the collection of Marc by Marc Jacobs stores near the Magnolia Bakery in the West Village which made me so happy, and also had an amazing dinner at Pho Bang in China Town - best noodle soup I've ever eaten. Today after trying to find the old street art in Soho (to little success) I visited Times Square (weird) and ended up seeing a movie and eating some marcobiotic/vegan dinner after a popcorn and diet coke combo (silly) and it was exactly what I felt like. Tomorrow I'm getting a behind the scenes tour of the American Natural History Museum (my friend Hannah works there making the dioramas) before the gig. It's been a non-stop few days, but I am having the time of my life!

Once I've been to the gigs above I'll post again. And I promise to write something about music. I did see Takka Takka at BAM on Saturday but it wasn't amazing


Anonymous said...

I'm going to NYC in like a week and I could really need that site to know what's on. Feel like sharing?

Keep up the lovely work!

/La La

alex said...

Mic hit woostercollective.com or its little friend Streetsy Streetsy and they give you locations for street art.

My recom is strolling around Spanish Harlem and counting the Big Pun murals.

Philippe said...

Sounds awesome Michaella.

I'm hopefully heading to NYC in August. Will have to keep that site in mind.

Michaella said...

Can't believe I forgot to link the website!