Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Half Alseep

I'm listening to the new album by Whitest Boy Alive. So far, so good! But I'm only half way through...

Its been a weird day today. The weather has been steamy the past few days and then today, Sydney woke up to rain and fog. From 32 Celsius to 18 Celsius overnight. I had to pull my sweatshirts and jeans from the wardrobe and find my umbrella (which weirdly was in the back shed?) Anyway, drastic changes in weather always throw me, and so today I've been half asleep and a little off sorts, whilst also having one of the busiest work days I've had in ages. Made me think of SoSB 'Half Asleep' video directed by Toby Halbrooks which (fittingly) Pitchfork TV just premiered a few days ago. I saw them perform at Le Poisson Rouge while I was in New York. It was a wonderful show. It was also very smokey.

Watch video here

They're touring AUS through April - tickets go on sale Friday and I highly recommend you check them out.

The Gaelic Theatre, Sydney, 23rd April - tickets from
The Zoo, Brisbane, 24th April - tickets from
The Corner Hotel, Melbourne, 25th April - tickets from


burnslog said...

Rules has grown on me. Everyone was talking like it's the album of the year and I was a bit doubtful, but now I'm definitely enjoying it more. Whaddaya think about it now?

Michaella said...

Yeah, I think it's premature to label it an Album Of The Year, but it is a really enjoyable record.

A little 'funky pop' at times, and many of the songs sound really similar, but Oye's voice is so smooth and easy to listen to that I could forgive the sameness of the singles.

I like that they've recorded with live instruments this time too, because it adds a lovely depth (which I think you need when vocal lines are this sugar sweet!)