Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Memory Cassette / Micachu

They are being very mysterious, but from what I can glean from Hail Social, GorillaVsBear and Myspace, Memory Cassette is a vocalist currently working with Philly producer and Hail Social member Weird Tapes: WT writes and produces the tunes, and MC sings.

Asleep At A Party (the lead single from The Hiss We Missed EP) sounds like a combination of the dreamy 1980's electro pop and hazy, summery positivity of Air France and the husky disco of Ida No from Glass Candy. Its so lovely.

Download the EP entirely for free from hailsocial



Micachu has released her debut 7" on Itunes (can I say 7" and Itunes in the same sentence?!) and Rough Trade on Monday and I just got my copy.

Micachu is Mica Levi, 21 years old and from Surrey, UK. Her DIY laptop electro and spoken pop/hip hop vocals remind me of Need New Body and Ladyhawke. Live she performs with her friends Mat and Karina (as Micachu And The Shapes) and in the studio, she works with Matthew Herbert. You can hear his influence pretty heavily in Golden Phone, a love song with glitchy xylophone, staccato vocals and a sweetly harmonised chorus. Her songs have attitude, but she isn't at all overwhelming or over the top.

This song isn't on the Golden Phone single, bit is a nice taste of what she/they are all about

Curly Teeth mp3 [Z Share]

I highly recommend you grab a copy of the release now, I don't think its long before a Little Boots or Vivian Girls style surge of interest in her and then, undoubtedly, the EP will be sold out and never to be seen of or heard again!

buy itunes

buy rough trade

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