Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lullabies In The Dark

There is something very comforting about someone softly singing lullabies as you drift off to sleep.

Aeroplane's Vito De Luca started Lullabies In The Dark last year with Belgian DJ Jim Adam.

Permanent Vacation is releasing their first 12" with an Aeroplane remix of Song For Marie Elise. Its a wonderful remix, the melencholic melody of the original stressed through a dark, bass-heavy introduction that builds to a much warmer, shimmering climax - like a humid day interrupted by a sun shower. Or something.

You can listen to the remix at Lullabies' Myspace page. I loved it! Reminded me a lot of The Emergency's remix of August by Catcall, which is also online now through Myspace. Very brooding space disco sounds. Good stuff.

Song for Marie Elise mp3 [z share]

After listening, purchase the entire release here

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