Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Betty Botox

Tailored Communication have uploaded a player profiling the Betty Botox album Mmmm Betty. The album is essentially a reissuing of old material, the tracks initially released in limited vinyl pressings two years ago and now put together in a CD format for us new-age-electronic-lovers.

Have a listen here. BB's edit Jive Baby On A Saturday by The Jellies is so relaxed and so sexy!

Betty Botox is one of the many monikers of Twitch from Optimo DJs.

The full album was released through Endless Flight yesterday, but Twitch has also split the tracks into three genre specific vinyl releases: Disco Not Disco, Krautrock/Industrial/Electro, and Dub. Kompakt had all three but you better be quick, the first (Disco Not Disco) has already sold out.

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