Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Part Of The Weekend Never Dies

Soulwax are a band I've always really liked, but I never really thought to ask myself what I liked about them. So obviously it never occurred to me how innovative their approach to production and touring was until last night when I watched their documentary Part Of The Weekend Never Dies.

I couldn't really see the point of the film. Apart from an attempt to explain the difference between Soulwax, 2ManyDjs, and Radio Soulwax in the film's first 10 mins, it doesn't seem to have a purpose other than to generate publicity, of course. But that didn't bother me. The film was an awesome snapshot into the Soulwax world, with footage from 120 Radio Soulwax shows woven between interviews with James Murphey, Nancy Wang, Peaches, and our very own Levins


So why did they make the film? Perhaps three years of non-stop world touring and not releasing new original material has seen ticket sales drop? Maybe they are creating new avenues for their music to be released and introduced to their ever-increasing audience? Or it could be that like Institubes, they just have so much fun on tour they thought it would be nice of them to let their fans in on the action ?!

The movie is out September 13, and until then check out their website - they've used stills from the film to make a remix-style track that you can program yourself by clicking 'next' when you've heard enough of each loop. It's pretty rad!

Also. This has been posted everywhere but the crunching synths still gets me. Oh. Every time. At once, the worst and best sound ever made.

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