Wednesday, August 6, 2008

good bye pirates

Sometime in the past two weeks London-based Peggy Sue and The Pirates changed their name to Peggy Sue.

I never understand why bands change their name, aside from legal complications of course (eg. Ghostwood, formerly The Ghosts, and Cut Off Your Hands, formerly Shaky Hands). I always find it unnecessarily complicates things. Well, Peggy Sue seem to disagree, as they went ahead and made the switch. Now, just in case we weren't already confused enough, they've released a collaborative E.P with fellow UK group Left With Pictures called Peggy Sue and The Pictures. Way confusing.

If you're in London they are playing tonight at the The Enterprise in Camden with Liz Green, and again tomorrow night at The Windmill in Brixton with Scoobius Pip. August 8 they are performing with Left With Pictures at The Betsey Trotwood, Farringdon. If you go to the gig, please ask them why they gotta make things so confusing for us.

I interviewed Rosa and Katy when they were still Peggy Sue and The Pirates (so retro) for a feature on female indie bands in Groupie Magazine. Groupie is a great free online music mag, though I admit I am a little biased as I am assistant editor of the mag.

To check out the Peggy Sue piece, along with interviews with Ebony Bones, Little Boots, Jo Mistinguett, Beaches, Vivian Girls and Emmy The Great check out the latest issue of Groupie Magazine out today

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