Wednesday, August 13, 2008

1 (kanye), 2 (jeezy), 3 (lauren hill) amazing!

This great song now has a great video!

Champion from videos222 on Vimeo.

The verse about Lauren Hill really resonates with me - I miss her. After Estelle revisioned That Thing (if you don't remember, I posted both back here), I revisited Miseducation and maaaaannnnn.... she was amazing. She is amazing. Hopefully Estelle can lead the way for a new sincerity... I think she can.

It/s also rumoured that he is producing all of Blueprint 3, not just Jockin (click the link to listen)


Last night I went to watch These New Puritans, who put on a really tight and impressive show. Although. I found it strange that they didn't say hello or engage with the audience at all, but the lead singer found the time to shout "peace in the middle east." While I agree with the sentiment (obvs), a "Hello" or "G'day" would have been nice too!

Anyway, while I was there a friend of mine said that she liked this blog. I have a reader! Hi Vivian! Now for anyone other than Catherine, Phillipe and Ragde, my only other readers, who stumbles upon this grey garden, Vivian is in a band called 123 Amazing.

There is a wonderful energy for live music in Sydney at the moment, with more venues opening up and new bands forming daily. People are collaborating, reforming, starting new, and there is a general camaraderie which is really fun and exciting. 123 Amazing are friends with Van She, Lost Valentinos, and Teenagersintokyo and all are hanging out, drinking at Oxford Art Factory and generally just making good music.

Automatic mp3 [z share]

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Vivian said...

Hi Michaella!

I totes turned into a freaky 15yo fan girl at TNPS - sorry you had to witness that. Ha