Friday, August 1, 2008


I've decided to officially stop smoking (not that I do much anyway as it is but its bad and I have to stop 'weekend smoking' - I mean, please!) and I've decided this will be my replacement.

Tobacco hails from rural Pennsylvania. He does not desire contact with the public at large.

So says his label Anticon.

Tobacco (also of Black Moth Super Rainbow) is releasing a solo album through Anticon called Fucked Up Friends, out October 14.

Here's a sample thanks to XLR8R

Tobacco Truck Sweat mp3 [z share]

If you head to his myspace you can also listen to a few more gems, including the gorgeous shimmer and drum-driven Hairy Candy, and grimy fuzz of Dirt featuring Aesop Rock

It is so good. If you like Black Moth Super Rainbow you'll like this. I might even like it more because it is more beatsy. So good. Not much else to say. Apart of course, from "I can't wait for the record to drop".

I cant wait for the record to drop.

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