Wednesday, August 6, 2008

buried no more

It made me sad to read this morning that UK producer Burial had 'come out'

He'd released two albums and managed to keep his identity a secret, but after nominated for the Mercury Music Prize the UK tabloids made it their mission to discover the 'truth 'about the artist, The Sun going as far to launch a nation-wide search complete with a SMS number for alerts and reports after an article titled Help Me Dig Up The Real Burial.

I think it is unfortunate that the world is as obsessed with celebrity as it is, as often the 'personality' of a performer clouds their creative output. Just look at Amy Winehouse (although, she is probably not the best example.) Why does it matter who they are? Poor guy just wanted to anonymously produce music so as to avoid this sort of attention, but couldn't be left alone. I have to admit I'm guilty of logging on to The Superficial and Gawker for my celeb fix, and I do occasionally buy NW and WHO magazines... but this is too much.

If you want to read the bulletin he posted on Myspace this morning, it's here

I wasn't fussed earlier, but I really hope he wins now. Fingers crossed.

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