Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Good things come in three's

If three is the magic number, here are my three favourite tunes from today. I hope you like them

An oldie I've just discovered by accapella Baltimore babe band Lexie Mountain Boys called Longdog Energy Drink mp3 [z share]

A new single from Parisian boys Minitel Rose available on their debut release The French Machine Business Woman mp3 [z share]

And lastly a friend (hello ragde!) pointed me in the direction of Salem today. They're pressing their debut vinyl EP Yes I Smoke Crack as I type and it is full of gothic disco jems including an awesome hazy cover of a Bruce Springsteen classic. The slow thumping bass drum, muffled melody, 80s style synth and capliso drums are intoxicating. It would have fit perfectly as the soundtrack to any/all of the John Waters movies from my primary school years. Can't you just see Molly Ringwald sitting in her bedroom, clinging her home-made dress, wishing she could just "be like everyone else" while this tune hums away in the background?

The release is one of the first for new label Acephale. You can pre-order copies online, and download a few samples from their myspace in the meantime.

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radge said...

oh hell mihcaella!:P