Friday, July 11, 2008


I'm listening to my friend Levins on the radio and he just played thecocknbullkid, which reminded me I had begun a post about her a few weeks back... and never actually finished it.

tCnBK is 22 year old Londoner Anita Blay. She struck gold last year, somehow managing to align herself with Joseph Mount (Metronomy) who co-wrote and produced her debut single On My Own [z share], and is now working with her on a full length album.

If you live in London, head to some place called Proud Galleries Horse Hospital Stables Markets in Camden tonight. There from 7:30 Vice are throwing a party tonight celebrating the release of her singles On My Own/Shake.

Also, if you like what you hear above- buy yourself a copy on itunes (if you live outside Australia) or from Rough Trade (for us Aussies)

You can also hear more at her myspace. She reminds me of Kelis, when Kelis uses her lower register and gets broody and husky and fulla'attitude (before that I Don't Think So crap obvs), and also has the sweet-with-attitude appeal of Keyshia Cole, which I really like. The simple electronic production of her sound is a little too similar to many Metronomy tracks to me, but I think she'll really carve out her own sound the longer she sticks around and grow into a fabulous performer. Plus, I am 23 and can never walk away from relationships when I know they are bad news, regardless how hard I try. She is far more mature than I am!

Great clip too, huh

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