Tuesday, July 29, 2008

U.S Girls

(drawing credit: James Nascent from U.S Girls myspace)

I saw that last week Siltbreeze released a vinyl by U.S Girls. I'd never heard anything by U.S Girls before, and I was intrigued because there seems to be a trend at the moment with using 'Girl' or 'Girls' for names of band.

U.S Girls is Megan Remy from Chicago. Her sound is muggy, distorted and psychedelic. Sort of. I don't actually know how to accurately describe the sound. I think what is more important though, is the experience of listening to it. Initially the recordings confused me, as I wasn't sure what I was listening to. I couldn't pick the instruments and couldn't decipher what Remy was singing, and I found that really difficult. But when I surrendered to the songs, and just went with the muggy, confused hysteria I began to really enjoy them. They are strange, but I really like it. She sounds a little like High Places to me, but a much more punk version, or something.

I think you just have to hear it for yourself! Listen via Myspace, and then buy yourself a copy of the release if you like what you hear through her Siltbreeze page, where you can also get yourself a free download of 'Prove It All Night'

I have a headache after listening to all the songs. But it is a good headache.

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richrd said...

yessssss u.s. girls!!!