Friday, July 25, 2008

Not Nickelback

I've just been listening to two months' worth of Authentic Shit podcasts I've downloaded but not yet listened to, and was struck by this amazing bass-driven pop song by a band called Nickel Eye.

I googled them because I wanted to hear more, and realised that Nickle Eye was a new side project for Nikolai Fraiture from The Strokes. I didn't care when Julian teamed up with Santi and Pharrell for Converse, and I've had a copy of Albert's album on my desk for weeks and still haven't bothered to listen to it, but this I am interested by! Strangely he hasn't made any music available through his Myspace page, but does link to Ronson's EVR show for a webstream of two songs and an interview. His myspace also says the Nickel Eye debut record will be out soon, and titled The Time Of The Assassins. I wonder if the remaining two will start side projects of their own also? It also makes me wonder whether The Strokes are planning a fourth album, or quietly calling it quits?

Just because I'm feeling a little nostalgic: Strokes You Tube Channel


In other news, last night Slick Rick and Laurie Anderson had shows in NYC. Sometimes living in Australia is great (being so far removed and all) but when you see the lists of incredible performers who gig at small venues for next to nothing, it breaks your heart.


And also.

What do you think of Katy Perry? I honestly can't make up my mind. I think she has quite a captivating voice and every time I hear 'I Kissed A Girl' I can't stop my foot from tapping in time. But then I hear what has to be the most ridiculous lyric of the year ("I kissed a girl and I liked it, the taste of her Cheery Chapstick") and am reminded of the many reasons I really can't stand her at all. But my foot is still tapping along in time.

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