Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Night of the Hunter is one of my favourite films, so naturally when I came across a song named after the classic, I took notice.

San Fran band Tussle have been together since 2001 and are currently recording their 3rd album Cream Cuts. Last year after they toured with Hot Chip and Yacht and I remember reading reviews of their live show but never looked further into their stuff. My mistake!

Their sound is progressive electronic rock, similar to Battles and Pivot I guess, and older examples Can and Cluster (they have actually just finished a support slot for Cluster in San Fransisco which must have been phenomenal.) Their sound is hugely varied and fabulously re workable too - Yacht, Hot Chip and others having transformed some of their original tracks into true dance floor fillers, some of which you can download free at their website tussle.org (I recommend 'elephant', the build is great!) The thing I love about their sound is that with a bass, two drums and a synthesizer, it can be twisted to fit any genre, and when you look at the varied support slots they've had over the past few years, having played with Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Erase Errata, Trevor Jackson, Arial Pink, and Deerhoof, it's obvious that this flexibility does them well.

Through Geographic North they have just issued a 7" with two singles exclusive to that release, while their new album Cream Cuts is scheduled for release August 25 through Smalltown Supersound. Smalltown is a wonderful label, also home to Lindstrom, Nisennenmondai (whose Australian re-release earlier this year blew me away) and 120 Days. Worth checking out.

Night Of The Hunter mp3 [z share]

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