Thursday, August 13, 2009

memory cassette vs weird tapes


Two days after my birthday last year, almost exactly a year ago, I posted 'Asleep At A Party' by Memory Cassette.

Initially, the project was sold as a collaboration between former Hail Social social member Dayve Hawke and an unnamed Philadelphia vocalist. Later I found out it was just Hawke, and his femme alter ego... Kinda like Natasha Khan's Pearl...

Regardless, I thought the song was just the best birthday present, and since then have been wandering along with Memory Cassette/Weird Tapes/Memory Tapes, falling in love with the wistful, nostalgic, and wonderfully evocative pop electronics.

Today, Pitchfork (who else?) got the premiere for the song's video.

'Call and Response' EP is sold out (except in stores - try Rough Trade London) but the debut full-length 'Seek Magic' is due for release in September through Acephale

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