Friday, August 14, 2009

grass widow


Sometimes I work from home, sometimes I come into a big officey area... Today I'm in the office and someone nearby is playing Sade 'Sweetest Taboo' really loudly... it's killing me.

I have been trying to drown it out with these girls: Grass Widow

They write wonderful vocally-driven post punk with quirky, contagious 60s pop harmonies and so much sass. Their songs can be a little messy at times, but I think that only ads to the overall charm. And their song 'To Where' is such a GEM!

'To Where' Grass Widow

See?! Killer track! So perfect for drowning out Sade melodies! Is it safe to say I prefer them to Vivian Girls? Is that allowed?

Make A Mess records released their first recording in April which has since sold out. They might be reissuing it, but I don't know. Check in with Captured Tracks though, because there were rumours a while back that they were picking up distribution rights.


Mike McGonigal said...

That song was originalyl released on the CD that comes with YETI magazine, FYI -- the previous issue, #6 -- -- glad you like! They are an awesome band.

Michaella said...

Thanks Mike! Do you know if the mag has any Australian distributors? I've got an old copy from forever ago - a subpop edition (?), but I'd love to be more up to date!