Monday, August 10, 2009

super wild horses


Melbourne is very nurturing of it's artistic community, particularly independent music community, and that world can be quite insular. Do you feel you receive a different response from crowds outside your hometown?

We haven't played too much outside of Melbourne, just a couple of shows in Perth and Sydney. On the whole they were a lot of fun and the response was good considering we were playing to rooms full of people who'd never heard of us. We're looking forward to going back to Sydney for Flip Out now that there are a few people who might have seen us or heard our 7".

Does that scene influence your music? And do you worry ever that people will look at the scene first, and your music second?

Melbourne bands have influenced us greatly - theirs are the gigs you see every weekend and the people you get to know and love. Ideas and moods tend to rub off on you and even if it's subconscious, so sounds probably filter through. I think it's a natural and positive thing - Melbourne's music scene is so vibrant at the moment and that's because everyone's out there playing together and having a good time. We'd be proud to be associated with whatever people perceive the scene here to be.

Is there much interaction and collaboration among your peers?

There is definitely social interaction, lots of drinking, listening to music, playing football, and collaborating on side projects. It's great to be involved with bands that have such a DIY ethic. People are lending their hands to everything from artwork, recording, song writing and playing. We've collaborated with UV Race on a sometimes band called UV Horse, then there's Brain Children which features Mikey Young (Eddy Current) and Max Kahone (Agents of Abhorrence/Cut Sick), and then you have events like Flip Out which definitely has a family vibe. - there's a lot of stuff going on!

You are about to perform as part of You Don't Love Me Yet - Johanna Billing's ongoing art piece. Have you got anything special planned for the performance?

So far we've started on some initial vocal ideas and managed to learn the chords! It's an amazing song, subtle and honest and heart felt. We're just concentrating on trying to do it justice. Can't wait to hear everyone's take on it.

Being such a (relatively) young band, how does it feel to be selected for events like You Don’t Love Me Yet and the Flip Out festival?

It feels really good and we feel very lucky. We try not to ask questions or figure out why because it doesn't make much sense to us!

What drove you both to perform together initially?

We've been friends for many years and had spent a lot of time writing things together, coming up with stupid hair-brained ideas and singing songs in the car. The band came about by accident really, we decided to have a jam one day and before we knew it, Jensen from Deaf Wish had booked us in for a gig, which we tried unsuccessfully to pull out of, and it just went from there.

How is recording coming along for the album?

We haven't recorded anything since our 7", but plans are in the works for something later on in the year.


See Super Wild Horses perform the Flip Out Festival August 29 at Manning Bar in Sydney and September 5 at the Corner Hotel, Melbourne.

Super Wild Horses 7" out now through AARGHT! records (Ooga Boogas, Eddie Current Supression Ring) and you can buy the record from their myspace

You Don't Love Me Yet happens this weekend at the Toff, Swanston Street Melbourne. Read more about the project here

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