Friday, August 7, 2009



In this song, her vocal is empty, but not in a bad way - disinterested but convincingly so - the flatness of her delivery perfectly complimenting the very Lucky Dragons'eqsue minimal tech beat and fog horns. And while at first her words seem to sit a little too uncomfortably within the simplicity of the electronic beat, as the harsher bleeps start up and cut through the initial delicacy of the song everything is brought together perfectly.

Haunting, weird dance that teases you - slowly building to an epic gothic jam but then peetering out just as you're wanting more!

Paradise is out now on Manimal Vinyl which also features the single 'Suffering' - a song that has the best music video I've seen all year! Seriously! It's so fantastic! I've often talked about my love of Rainbow Arabia, and surely Devendra Banhart is one of everyone's favourite 'shabob shalom' folk stars

Hecuba "Suffering" [Official Video] HD from Hecuba on Vimeo.

Hecuba myspace

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