Friday, May 1, 2009

New Look

I wrote about Sarah Ruba in a piece for Pages Magazine last year. It was a feature called 'Model Musicians' about women who are pretty enough to walk catwalks by day and musically talented enough to perform in bands by night.

At 23 years old Ruba is a talented cookie. Her and her husband (28 year old producer and multi-instrumentalist Adam Pavao) make super cool pop electro as New Look and they have recently made their latest recordings available for free download from their website.

Pavao's sparse electronica is gorgeously complimented by Ruba's soulful and sweet vocals. The prodcution work of Jimmy Edgar (his low-fi electronic beats and pop melodies) has obviously had a huge influence on their recordings and in fact, one of their latest singles Function Of Your Love is a cover of a soon-to-be-released Edgar 12". I think they might be friends or something. That, or they're just huge fans!

Download How's My Hair? EP [.zip direct download]

'Function Of Your Love' Mp3 [.zip direct download]

They should work on their live show though. Their visuals are great, but it wouldn't hurt to look up from the DJ booth once or twice (particularly when most of your music is already pre-recorded.)

New Look from Those City Nights on Vimeo.

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Anonymous said...

To correct you, New Look's live show is NOT pre-recorded. It's all actual drum machines & synthesizers there on stage.