Friday, May 29, 2009

Galaxie with Soft Circle

The Donuts girls are staring a new party on Sunday night and Soft Circle is playing!!!!

Its at my favourite bk venue glasslands and for only $5 you can see SC do his trippty soundscapes with sets from Justin Miller, Jacques Renault and Lovefingers.

They've also got free vegan treats for all and you can watch the Galaxie movie someone called AC has made.

Soft Circle has been saying he has a "new album in the works" forever... I've already complained about that so won't again. But go see what he's been up to and let me know how the new stuff sounds! The tunes on his Myspace sound really spread out and ambient. It's a Sunday night too - Apart from watching Desperate Housewives what else is there to do?!

Galaxy party myspace

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