Thursday, May 28, 2009


I've found myself with some time today to check in on some of the music I'd not been keeping up to date with.

I first heard Ghostape when he featured on Canberra born, Swiss raised, Berlin based Plastique de Reve's Death From Abroad released 12" Lost In The City.

To draw comparisons - The Swiss 19 year old has the homemade wonky pop sensibilities of Miccachu, the wooziness of Ducktails, and the percussive disco of Mi Ami.

People In The Sky released his Many Stars EP last year, which you can still buy online here. The tracks are wackier and less dancey than those he's posting on Myspace now. I prefer his more recent tunes, but I still really like the 80s synth daggyness of Many Stars.

'I Feel' Ghostape Mp3 [z share]

I love the glockenspiel driving this track.

The minimalism of the track, focus on percussion and the quirkiness and melodrama of his vocals all remind me of Hot Chip to be honest.

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