Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fantastic Magic

All this drama about Wavves... I feel so sorry for him. How can you not get fucked up on too many drugs after passing the point of absolute exhaustion brought on by months of constant touring? I'd be a mess. And I know that people have been touring and not losing their shit forever, but it must be so daunting and so exhausting - being 'discovered' when you've been writing great stuff for years.

I love his older stuff. Nathan's recordings as Fantastic Magic was much less noisy - psychedelic surf pop with a gentle summer vibe and lots of joy and jangling bells.

They don't write together anymore, but I really wish they did. Reminds me of early Devendra recordings. They played with Arial Pink, U.S Girls, Vampire Weekend, The Muslims (pre Soft Pack obvs), Crocodiles, even Strange Boys. Their show with Strange Boys show would have been amazing actually - Strange Boys, Fantastic Magic and Crystal Antlers on the one bill.

'Sea Of Gold' Fantastic Magic Mp3 [zshare]

'Jam and Yima' Fantastic Magic Mp3 [zshare]

For what it's worth, I hope he gets his shit together.

Also, while you're here - If you're in Sydney next weekend we're having a party -


‘Another Night On Earth’
Monday 8th June, 2009 at Sydney’s Metro Theatre
All Ages
5:00 pm -10:00 pm

With Sarah Blasko, Holly Throsby, New Buffalo (solo), Jack Ladder, Firekites, Machine Translations, Grand Salvo, Songs, Megastick Fanfare, Bearhug, Sherlocks Daughter, Fergus Brown, Ghoul, Parades, Caitlin Park, The Holy Soul and many more! Plus, secret special guests to be announced soon...

Tickets $30.00 from and venue box office

All ticket sales receive an ‘Another Night On Earth’ poster and Spunk CD Sampler!

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