Monday, November 30, 2009

touch so soft, I never take them off


Vancouver duo Cosmetics (not to be confused with the not so great Brooklyn/Sao Paulo duo also called Cosmetics) sounds like something you've already heard on Italians Do It Better- their sensual and glistening minimalist productions shout to the slippery disco pop Johnny Jewel has become famous for. Sweet dreams and light touches, hushed stories on beat making delicate haze for dancing nights.

Fan Death, Nite Jewel, Desire, now Cosmetics; their synthetic recordings set to take place alongside those glamorous darlings of the scene.

All their tracks are self-produced in their home studio. There are three jams on their myspace now but more is due out early 2010 through Captured Tracks, initially as a 7" vinyl and then as a full length vinyl/CD album. For now, no mp3, just the myspace page. Good things come to those who wait.

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