Wednesday, November 25, 2009

no art cock safari


Vivian (pic: far right) and Trish (pic: centre) used to be in a band called One, Two, Three, Amazing. They had a great name obvs, but not a load of recorded material or scheduled shows and so folded after not too long. I really liked their song Tender Is. I just listened to it again, and it's still really lovely, with hushed vocals over a melodic 90s guitars.

Vivian and Trish now have less angular haircuts and a new band called No Art, and with their boy friend Chris on drums are making expansive moody post rock.

Outside my office someone is playing that Shaggy song that has the lyric "honey came in and she caught me red handed, freakin' (is that the lyric?) with the girl next door".

Feel free to disagree, but I do think No Art's Fight In The Nocturnal House, while certainly not as instantly catchy, is much better than the Shaggy song.

No Art 'Fight In The Nocturnal House'

Also, while talking good aussie music (no art) and cool band names (1, 2, 3 amazing)... cock safari, anyone?! These dudes are killing it.


max said...

i once saw a guy do a perfect karaoke rendition of that shaggy song, complete with a jamaican accent and "freestyling".

p.s. pls keep posting things michaella!

Michaella said...

that is the best story ever max, i just wish you'd video'ed the performance!

p.s. i'll try! i loved the latest rquartz of yours. i love you guys. group hug!